Business Group


Who we are?
Companies have made significant investments in IT, especially in infrastructure and maintenance of this environment. Cluster2Go is a Business Group based on SSC (sharing services center) model specializing in data center solutions with a focus on high availability and managed services. We also act strongly in the market and outsourcing within or outside the data center. Our enterprise hosting solutions are flexible and have optional services monitoring, backup, firewall and expert support. We help companies of all sizes to be more competitive in their own businesses leaving the management of your IT infrastructure under our responsibility.

Who’s the customer?
Companies willing to host their services in the managed public cloud or using applications and services that are based on this model. We also have customers that need managed services to empower theirs own IT team.

What’s the offering or solution?
Our cloud is technically built in Brazil, its architecture can address projects that are hosted in the same cloud but in data centers strategically located in Brazil or the United States. Our solutions include managed services for critical environments.

We offer Managed Services and Infrastructure as a Service.

An important feature of this service to our portfolio is that it must be feeling as a complement to the IT team of the customer. In other words, this is a support and infrastructure service for the second and third level that can be done generic or specialist (such as database management, security, etc.).
We say internally that managed services are the energy supplement for customer’s IT team. A solution to potentiate customer’s technical team and make them smarter.

As a pioneer in Brazil to sell IaaS we are focused in shaping Cloud Computing adoption and transforming the way businesses deploy infrastructure. At this stage, we need to focus on flawless execution, high-quality service delivery and broad customer acquisition across many different segments to capitalize on exploding customer demand. The next step is to be a IaaS market place and managed services of a multi cloud to deploy a full service environment.